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April is Autism Awareness Month and the Autism Parents Association of Trinidad & Tobago (APATT) is issuing a video challenge to ALL: “Get pied for Autism!” to educate and help others understand more about Autism and bring attention to the serious lack of resources for individuals on the spectrum in T&T.

How do I get pied?

We will be posting a series of questions and answers about Autism right here and in our Facebook page that you have to use. You need a friend to do the challenge with you, it works in pairs. This is how it works:

1. Select 1(one) question to be asked (scroll down for questions and answers).

2. State why you are doing the challenge: To Support the Autism Parents Association of Trinidad & Tobago in their goal to educate people about Autism and the urgent need for public resources locally.

3. Nominate 2 people to do the challenge in the next 48 hours.

4.  Ask the question to your friend. If the person answers incorrectly, they get pied by you. If the person answers right, YOU get pied by them!

5. Post the video on our Facebook Page or your own Facebook wall (and please tag us or let us know!) or send it to us and we will post it for you.

Tip: You do not have to buy an actual pie to do this challenge. You can use whipped cream in a pie mold or even shaving cream. Everyone can do it!

Questions For The Get Pied For Autism Challenge

1. Q. Can you get Autism by touching a person with Autism?

A. No.  Autism is not contagious.

2. Q. What’s the number of PUBLIC schools for children with Autism in T&T?

A. Zero/None.

3. Q. How common is Autism?

A. In the USA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says an estimated 1 in 68 persons has been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

4. Q. How many places offer PUBLIC therapy for children with Autism in T&T?

  A. Zero.

5.  Q. Can adults and the elderly have Autism?

A. Yes. Autism can affect people of all ages.

6.  Q. Do all children with Autism talk?

A. No. Some children with Autism are non-verbal.

7. Q. Is it true that ALL people with Autism are math geniuses?

A. No.

8.  Q. Are boys more likely to be affected by Autism than girls?

  A. Yes, Autism is 5 times more common among boys than girls.

9. Q. Is there a cure for Autism?

A. No. Autism is a lifelong condition.

10. Q. What exactly causes Autism?

A. There isn’t a conclusive scientific explanation as yet but some evidence points to genetic / DNA or external factors.

11. Q. What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

A. Asperger’s Syndrome is a mild form of Autism.

12. Q. Can children with Autism work in groups?

A. Yes, but it is not always easy and they usually need an aide for assistance or reassurance.

13.  Q. Can people with Autism make friends?

A. Yes, of course.

14. Q. What does the acronym APATT mean?

A. Autism Parents Association of Trinidad & Tobago.

15. Q. What is APATT’s website address?


16. Q. Can anyone join APATT and how much does it cost?

A. APATT is free for everyone connected in some way to Autism.


 Support the cause of Autism Parents as we strive to bring attention about the needs of our loved ones.

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