APATT & TTUTA Presidents Discuss Special Education In T&T



The Autism Parents Association of Trinidad &Tobago (APATT) President Maria Borde (left) met with the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) President Mr. Davanand Sinanan (right) to discuss APATT’s mission with regards to the serious issue of the lack of proper educational facilities with qualified teachers for children with Autism in our country and the fact that it is the government’s solely responsibility to provide the aforementioned.

Mr. Sinanan has already stated with regards to Special Needs Education:

“It’s a mixture of NGOs, CBOs, religious organisations and the State and you have all kinds of substandard, sub quality education being imparted to these children in these ‘special schools.’ No one can be held accountable when things go wrong because you are not quite sure who is the owner of the school, who is the administrator of the school, who is responsible for the school. A lot of nonsense takes place in many of these schools and it is high time that the State accepts that it has a responsibility to provide quality education to those students just as well and not depend on the NGOs and CBOs. Source

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